Champion Power Equipment 6,000 Watt 337cc Gas Powered Generator With Wheel Kit 40046/41111

Champion Power Equipment 6,000 Watt 337cc Gas Powered Generator With Wheel Kit 40046/41111

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  1. Kevin Simmons says:


    Just got this generator one month ago. We just got hit by a storm that was 100 mph and it knock out the power for three days. This guy ran all day and most of the night. Great generator save my food had tv light and heat cant ask for more then that. I ran 11 hours on 2500 watts. I could have ran it all day if it was not for my 1500 watt heater. But got to keep the house warm for the kids lol buy it you will be happy.

  2. Told You So says:


    Have had the 40046 Champion generator for almost 2 yrs now. Still starts on 1rst or 2nd pull{after I took the china plug out and put in a NGK}. Manual tells witch NGK plug to use but It came with a china plug? This engine has ran flawless! It is a 11hp engine and takes a little strength to pull start but I’m disabled and can do it.{bad back}.

    Champion builds thier engines themselves and they do supply parts. They do have 24 hr help you can call if you need it. Try that with other companies. I’m on here looking to by one of Champions pressure washers now. I have complete faith in this company.

    These engines are knock offs of a honda motor like several other companys are doing. But this company does supply parts and assistance unlike most other companys have. The biggest problem out there when buying a generator is getting a company with 24 hr assistance in case of starting issues. That is a must! {Thats rule no. 1}. { other Rule no. 1 is parts availibilty} This has been a real good generator.

    I’d buy another one from them if I needed another generator.

    They have a website that shows part numbers for replacement parts. I tried looking up other companies parts lists and most of them dont have replacement parts.{Beware of this}. Champion engines have steel sleeve cylinders too. Only the high end briggs and Kohlers have that. The briggs vanguard and Kohler courage are now built in china. Figured I was going to get a china motor either way so get the cheapest that has replacement parts??? Cant beatem join em huh?

    The price for these generators are low because Champion builds thier own engines,staters,control panels etc… They dont buy them from other suppliers like other companies do. The only bad thing I’ve read about Champion generators is noise level. But every gas generator I’ve ever heard was loud to me too. This one is no exception to that complaint.

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